Three generations with the same origin: the Mediterranean.

Since 1967

Building Mediterranean homes and believing in a unique lifestyle since 1967. Moraira is the place we are from and where everything begins. The Lloret style starts in this coastal paradise with the architect Joaquín Lloret Sala.

The way he interprets architecture has always shown typical elements of the northern Costa Blanca blended with references to the artist he most admires: César Manrique.

This architectural legacy adapts to new trends through his son and designer Joaquín Lloret Marqués. As a true travel lover, his works reveal a whole range of Mediterranean inspirations.

With the arrival of Mark Lloret Mellink, Lloret Designs now incorporates its third generation. After more than 50 years, we continue to innovate and create spaces that extend your home to the Mediterranean.

Meet us

Joaquín Lloret Sala – The real origin

The man behind Lloret Designs. Dreamer, creator and entrepreneur, he applies his knowledge and virtues as an architect to his own personal Mediterranean style to create a unique stamp of identity in the area.

Joaquín Lloret Marqués – A real adventure

Joaquín Lloret Sala’s son and the designer behind all Lloret Designs. A lover of Ibizan-Cubist architecture, of sailing, of our Mediterranean Sea and of travelling to find new sources of inspiration.

Mark Lloret Mellink – The new generation

Son of Joaquín Lloret Marqués and grandson of Joaquín Lloret Sala, the most recent arrival in the company. A lover of our sea, of travelling, he views the Mediterranean as a paradise for his other passion: surfing.

Wolfgang Mahler – Lover of Costa Blanca

Wolfgang left his German birthplace for the Costa Blanca and has formed part of Lloret Designs for more than a decade. His strategic view is fundamental for the team. A lover of good food, the climate and the people who give life to the Mediterranean.

Moraira-Ibiza Lifestyle

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